Your home away from home since 1972…

Vasco Da Gama Taverna. The name that has been around since 1972, although no one is really able to tell you exactly WHEN they opened their doors, all they will tell you is they are proudly one of the 3rd oldest running pubs in Cape Town.

Having gathered a loyal following amongst the Portuguese community, Vasco’s has affectionately been nicknamed “The Portuguese Embassy”. With this unofficial title though, the clientele here are not limited to only the Portuguese community, anyone is welcome to visit Vasco’s (just as long as your attitude doesn’t stink like a “vrot vis*”!)

Throughout the years that it has been open, Vasco’s used to have a “mens only policy” up until the year 2000 when women were finally allowed in this fine establishment. That never used to deter the more determined ladies, who would actually dress up as men just to come and have a night out at Vasco’s! The frequent bar flies that used to visit this establishment was however largely varied, from fisherman, quantity surveyors to corporate executives, but when they stepped through the doors of Vasco’s, all titles fell away!

The bar counter today is still it’s original yellow Formica, and Jorge’s’ famous Catemba (Tassenberg** and Coke poured in a draught glass!) is still poured by the litreage to this day.

Since it’s early days, Vasco’s was owned by the same owner for many years, and after changing ownership a few times, it has finally settled with Bryn Ressel who is the sole owner.

Since Bryn has taken ownership he has extended the size of Vasco’s by acquiring the space right opposite the bar and improving the two venue establishments upstairs (these are available for venue hire too). Bryn has achieved a sense of bringing together the old and the new within the beloved Vasco’s walls.

So if you’re wondering where to go to next for a relaxing draught, come pop in at Vasco’s, where we treat everyone like family and you will feel the history (and the garlic!) dripping from the walls. The food and the portion sizes will be better than your mothers and the beers colder than a witches, well, you know what.

Not to be missed however, is Vasco’s when a special event is being hosted! The place is packed to the rafters and everyone has a good time, truly bringing together that¬† sense of community within our walls.

A glossary for our foreign visitors:

*Vrot Vis – Rotten, smelly fish
**Tassenberg – A favourite, very well-priced dry red wine